Surabaya Agro Tour Package

Surabaya Agro Tour Package


Day 1

  • Arrive in Juanda airport Surabaya, you will pick up by our driver to Bhakti Alam.  Here you can found rare fruit, try some fruit like Guava, Durians, Melon and many. After that, we are going to Wonosari Tea Horticulture, Malang. You can enjoying the scent of tea, breathing in very fresh air and enjoying the scenery of Arjuno Mountain and Singosari Temple at Malang, cek in hotel, free program.


Day 2

  • Breakfast at hotel, check out. Riding to Ijen boulevard, toko Oen and then you will take to Apple plantation area in Batu. Here you can take apple from the trees and you can also buy souvenir by the local area or Strawberry plantation area. Then, we can return to Surabaya.


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Wisata Malang

Malang Bromo 2 Days 1 Nite Tour



Day 1

  • Our driver will pick you up at Juanda or Abd Saleh airport
  • Heritage tour : Jago Temple (1.350 C) or Singosari Temple (1.300 C)
  • Malang city tour : Monumen Tugu, Malang town square, Ijen Boulevard, Industry of Keripik tempe in Sanan, souvenir shop at Inggil resto or (optional tour)
  • Batu city tour : Coban Rondo waterfall, Apple or Strawberry plantation
  • Check in hotel, free program



Day 2

  • At 01.00 am, driver will pick you up in hotel to Nastional Park of Bromo Tengger Semeru mount, check out hotel. We will arrive at transit station and entrance Wonokitri at least 2 hours.
  • From Wonokitri we drive with the Jeep for about 30-45 minutes to the highest view point at Mt Pananjakan (2700 m). The temperature reached 5-15 degrees Celcius but mini shops are ready to rent  jacket, head cover and many things to make you still warm and also can try some hot foods and drinks while waiting the Sunrise
  • If the weather is good, from here you can see the amazing picture of 3 mount, Mt Bromo, Mt Batok, and Mt Kursi with a background of Mt Semeru the highest mountain on Java island.
  • After enjoying Sunrise, driving to Bromo by jeep, crossing sea of sand. From the parking area to the top of Mt Bromo, you can walk or ride the horse for 1 km. You have to climb 250 steps of stairs to get to the crater. Some Tengger people will you see have a perform ritual at the rim of crater
  • At 08.00 am back to transit stasion Wonokitri and we will continue to Surabaya or Malang city Transfer out airport or train station. Finish


Malang Bromo 2 Days 1 Nite Tour



Wisata Bromo Rafting Tour 2 Hari 1 Malam

Bromo rafting adalah kombinasi dari paket liburan Bromo dan wisata adventure di Pekalen Probolinggo. Durasi tournya adalah 2 Hari 1 Malam. Sungai Pekalen adalah tempat wisata arung jeram / rafting yang pertama kali beroperasional di Jawa Timur. Selama Menjelajahi sungai ini kita akan disuguhi dengan panorama yang sangat indah dan pasti akan memberikan pengalaman yang luar biasa. Tempatnya wisata rafting sekitar 1 jam perjalanan dari wisata Gunung Bromo.

Rute perjalanan Paket Wisata Bromo Rafting Tour 2 Hari 1 Malam  sbb :

Hari 1 : Surabaya – Rafting – Gunung Bromo

  • Penjemputan di Surabaya/Malang pagi
  • Menuju sungai Pekalen untuk Rafting Tour (perjalanan sekitar 3-4 jam)
  • Samapi di area rafting briefing, dan start rafting
  • finish rafting menuju Desa Cemara Lawang sekitar 1 jam perjalanan berkendara
  • sampai hotel Check in dan Free Program








Hari 2 : Bromo Sunrise Tour – Surabaya

  • Wisata Bromo  start jam 3.30 pagi,menuju penanjakan tepi gunung tengger dengan jeep
  • Setelah puas,masih dengan jeep turun menuju padang pasir Gunung bromo
  • Dari Parkir jeep jalan kaki/naik kuda menuju kawah Bromo, dilanjutkan mengunjungi Savanah
  • Setelah puas ,kembali ke parkiran jeep dan anda diantar menuju hotel
  • Sampai di hotel,breakfast,mandi dan Check Out (maksimal check out jam 12 siang)
  • Transfers out Surabaya.
  • Setelah tiba di Surabaya (sekitar jam 4-5 sore) Program Selesai

Gunung Bromo -







Untuk informasi lengkap mengenai Paket Wisata Bromo Rafting Tour 2 Hari 1 Malam silahkan kontak kami.di 0813 3337 2552 / Tina.


Surabaya Ijen Bromo Tour Package

Surabaya Ijen Bromo Tour



Day 1 Surabaya – Catimor
Our guide and driver will pick you up in Surabaya Airport then drive directly to Catimor, the closest village to the Ijen Crater. It takes about 8 hours drive (depends on the traffic).


Day 2 Ijen Crater – Tosari
At 05.00 a.m we will drive to Paltuding, the entrance point of Ijen Crater. It takes approximately 40 minutes drive from Sempol. From Paltuding to the top of Ijen Crater we have to walk for 2 hours. During the trip to the top of Ijen, we will meet the sulfur miners when they are carrying the sulfur down to the slope of Ijen. After we finish the program in Ijen, we will drive to Tosari. It takes approximately 7 hours drive from Ijen


Day 3 Bromo Sunrise Tour – Surabaya
At 03.30 we will drive to Penanjakan by jeep to see the sunrise and the view of Mount Bromo, Batok and Semeru. After we enjoy the sunrise and the scenery, we will drive down to the Bromo Crater. From the parking area to the top of Bromo, you have two options which are walking or riding a horse. After we enjoy the crater of Bromo, we will drive back to the Tosari to have breakfast then continue our trip to Surabaya. It takes approximately 3 hours drive to Surabaya.

Surabaya – Ijen – Bromo – Surabaya


Malang – Bromo Midnite Tour

Malang – Bromo (Overnight) Tour


Day 1
Our guide and driver will pick you up at the Airport. After meeting service, we will drive to Tosari, the closest village to Mount Bromo. It takes approximately 3 hours drive from Malang   to Tosari

Malang – Bromo (Overnight)



Day 2
At 03.30 a.m, we will drive to Penanjakan, the viewpoint to see the sunrise and the scenery of Mount Bromo, Batok and Semeru by jeep. It takes approximately 30 minutes drive from Tosari. After we see the sunrise, we will drive to the Bromo Crater via the sea of sand. From the parking area to the top of Bromo, you can go on foot or by horse. After we enjoy the Bromo Crater, we will drive back to the hotel to have breakfast then continue to drive back to Malang.


Wisata Malang